• Anandam committee

The Anandam committee has been formed according to the recently added Anandam Scheme in college curriculum by government of Rajasthan. The Mentors of the Committee monitor the individual as well group activities of the batch of students allotted to them. The activities under this scheme are to promote happiness attained on giving and performing social aid each day. These activities inspire students for community service which is inspired from Gandhian approach towards overall development of citizens.


  • Admission Committee

The objectives of this committee are to increase number of admission in various courses in the college. These committee members also develop a close bond with various schools in and around Jaipur with the goal of identifying potential candidates for various courses in the college.


  • Affiliation Committee

This committee has been setup in the college to look into affiliation affairs related to various courses already running and new courses to be introduced. The college has introduced various certificates, dual degree and various professional courses affiliated to RISU.


  • Co-Curricular Committee

Co-Curricular Committee has the responsibility for all intra and inter collegiate cultural events in the College. It works to organizes various functions, important day celebrations, annual day celebration and to prepare budget for all cultural events and take necessary steps for its approval


  • Discipline Committee

This Committee is formed to maintains discipline in the students duringday-to-day activities and in various functions organized by the college. This committee also take strict necessary actions against any complaint for misconduct of the student in the premises.


  • Library Development Committee

This Committee is formed to frame general rules for the management of the library for its progress and qualitative development. It works to provide various library services and facilities to the readers to support research activity.



  • Examination Committee

Examination Committee is formed in the college to conduct examinations smoothly and make policy decisions in regard to organizing and holding examinations, improving systems of examinations.


  • NAAC committee

NAAC committee has been set up for functioning of all the activities for  NAAC re-accreditation. The National Assessment Accreditation Council (NAAC) aims at sustaining and promoting a quality culture in higher educational institutions. The NAAC Committee of the college is undertaking steps for the visit of the NAAC teamand prepares and sends the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) to the NAAC head-quarters.


  • Social Media Committee

This committee has been set up to position and popularize Agrawal P.G. College on a variety of online platforms. Contents related to the forth coming webinars, seminars and events are updated regularly on this platform.


  • Website Development Committee

This Committee is formed to Identify strategic initiatives for the website and present it to higher management for review and updating and to update and enhance website design and content. it plays a important role in coordinating with other committees in posting relevant information


  • Event Reports Committee

Event Reports Committee is constituted in the college to make records of the details of all events held in the college. The college has organized numerous online programs like webinars, FDPs, workshops, symposiums etc.


  • Marketing Committee

The College Marketing Committee has been set up for consistent and recognizable branding of Agrawal P.G. College. It also collaborates to marketing Plan and its budget.



  • Purchase Committee

The college Purchase committee is formed to identify and monitor the purchases required for all the academic, administrative and amenities requirements. It scrutinizes the quotations invited from the firms /suppliers and approves the lowest quotation for an order.



  • School Coordinating committee

The purpose of this committee is to identify the potential schools from which our prospective students come and to share a strong bond with them. Through our school connect program, we conduct various subject specific seminars and workshops, career counselling webinars, quiz competitions in these schools so that students of such schools do avail benefits of our college.


  • Stimulus Committee

Stimulus Committee is constituted to reward and acknowledge the achievements of the employees of the college. To generate a feeling of oneness and that they are a part of a large family, the stimulus committee wishes all the employees on their birthdays and other special occasion. The committee is giving its utmost performance to motivate the staff members for further achievements.

  • Sports Committee

Sports help to learn team-spirit at work, coordination among students, discipline the value system in an individual.Sports Committee is formed in the college to create zeal amongst students towards sports and to promote every individual’s health, physical well-being as well as the acquisition of physical skill among the students.