Mentoring is a unique method of supporting students to improve their learning and leadership skills, motivating them towards their future career development. With this in mind, the college has established a mentor-mentee programme wherein the faculty members meet the students on regular basis to listen to their issues and guide them on their overall personality development. This ensures student’s overall development and growth in academic and professional matters by fully exploiting the potential of every individual. Key elements of this program include the following aspects


  • A bunch of students (mentees) are assigned to every mentor (faculty) of the college for effective mentoring.
  • Mentees can express their views, share their thoughts and problems with the mentors.
  • Mentors act as foster-parents and provide guidance in any area of life to the mentees by providing guidance, counselling and advice in any area of life, especially in academics as per the need expressed by the mentees.
  • Mentors intimate HOD and suggest if any coordinated action is called for.
  • Mentors contact parents/guardians if situation demands e.g., irregularities, negative behavioural changes and interpersonal relations, detrimental activities etc.