The Agrawal P G College is committed to follow a set of enduring Core Values. These values are focused on the sustainable development of the institution and serve as a guide through changing times to achieve our goals.

  • Inspiring Campus Environment:
    Taking inspiration from the founder of Agrawal Community, we preserve our cultural and aesthetic environment which is helping, welcoming, secure, pleasing and well suited for everyone.
  •  Academic Excellence and Success:
    We value high quality education designed to meet the changing needs of our society via best practices in teaching and encouraging innovation/research in education.
  • Value and Outcome Based Education:
    We value student centered teaching learning process, focused on the outcomes, while following discipline, punctuality, sincerity, commitment and social justice.
  • Transformational Learning and Holistic Development:
    We value and promote multi-disciplinary research, creativity, innovation, experimentation and critical thinking. We value learning and the pursuit of knowledge as lifelong processes of transformational personal and professional growth.
  • Continuous Improvement:
    We value continuous improvement through the assessment of student learning outcomes, program effectiveness, and our decision-making processes. We utilize these assessments to improve the quality of our courses, programs and practices.
  • Environmental Sustainability:
    We value adopting practices to protect the environment for future generations and sharing these values with others.
  • Civic Awareness:
    We value social awareness that promote the understanding and betterment of society and the world by engaging our students, staff and surrounding community in meaningful discussions and activities.
  • Collegiality and Professionalism:
    We support, promote and demonstrate respect, kindness, understanding, civility, cooperation and acceptance. We foster a spirit of collegiality and professionalism. We value others, ourselves, and our students as unique individuals and embrace the commonalities and the differences.
  • Participatory Decision Making:
    We value decentralization of powers that allow each of us to contribute ideas, bring forth concerns, and explore options in developing consensus. We value and trust our management, as we participate in the decision making.
  • Institutional Wellness:
    We value an institutional attitude and culture that promotes and supports total health and wellness of staff and students; a friendly, efficient and flawless administrative set up ensuring smooth functioning of the institution.