Agrawal college is driven to provide excellent educational opportunities that are responsive to the needs of our students and empower them to meet and exceed challenges as active participants in shaping the future of our world.

We strive to provides a trans-formative education to create leaders and innovators and to generate new knowledge for society and industry.

The college aspires to be known for its excellence in teaching, intensive research, effective public service and community engagement. The college prepares diverse and competitive graduates for success in a global, interdependent society.


“Transforming Knowledge with Values”

Agrawal College offers you much more than a degree, with development opportunities that embrace leadership and skill development, mentoring, work experience and much more.

We aspire to reassert the significance of high quality education by providing personalized learning environment that put you at the heart of learning experience. The core values adopted by the Institute as enduring principles are Integrity, Excellence, Accountability, Transparency, and Empathy.