Well-Equipped U.G. and P.G. Laboratories  : The College has separate U.G. and P.G. labs to cater to the demands of various practical subjects. The labs are well-equipped with all the modern equipments to meet the requirements of both U.G. and P.G. practical curriculum.


Department of Botany is one of the oldest departments in Jaipur which has separate labs for UG and PG students to provide hands-on experience of practical skills. The labs are well equipped with specialized instruments for practical and research work based on various domains as Molecular Biology, Microbiology & Plant Pathology, Plant Biotechnology, Taxonomy etc. There is a large collection of plant specimens and a well maintained Botanical garden. It has an exclusive research laboratory where various projects from government funding agencies as DST, DBT, UGC, etc. have been completed successfully.


Department of Zoology is one of the oldest departments in Jaipur. It is well equipped with ultra-modern facilities to cater to the modern practical knowledge and research. The Museum house has several significant zoological specimens. Each is curated independently and categorized for easy identification. It has one of the largest specimen collections in Rajasthan with more than 300 specimens. It has various highly modified equipments for hand on practices for students.


Department of Physics has highly spacious, well equipped six laboratories for UG and PG classes with two Dark rooms to perform experiments in Optics and Spectroscopy. Complete range of equipment (CRO/DSO/AFG/RFG) to accomplish several experiments on Electronics. The other equipments are UV-Vis Double beam/Beta Ray/Gamma Ray Spectrophotometer/Michelson/Ultrasonic Interferometer, X/J Band Microwave Test Bench with Reflex Klystron and Gunn Diode, GM Counter, Scintillation Detector, ESR, Compton Scattering Setup, Study of Zeeman Effect etc.


Department of Chemistry has four spacious laboratories. It has a Research Lab, Instrument lab, UG and PG Practical Labs. These are well equipped and self-sustaining with all the latest instruments with a large collection of chemicals and the best safety measures. More than 50 work stations are there in each lab with facilities of individual drawer, cabinet unit, experimental stand, reagent rack, and electric point, flame unit with gas line and adjoining sink with Taps.


There are smart classrooms to solve the mathematical problems like transportation assignment, Simplex tables etc. All Scai lab related practical work is carried out in Computer Science Lab.


The Computer Science Department has a well equipped, air cooled, Wi-Fi enabled computer labs with more than 100 computers with latest configuration. Each student has one-on-one access. All the Computer systems are password protected. The broadband connection speed is up to 100 MBPS and connected with LAN. Other supportive equipments like Servers, Printers and UPSs. are also available to fulfil the requirements of the practical work.


The Geography lab is a well-equipped laboratory, comprising physical geography equipments and world level maps, charts, globes, models etc. It is also equipped with Dumpy level, Clino-meter, Plaini meter, astronomical telescope, GPS, and distance meter, weather station, topographical sheets, compass and other digital equipments for field survey. It has a set of prismatic compass, set of plain Table and Chain and Tape survey instruments, Weather related instruments and other digital equipments for field survey and lab activities.


The labs are well-equipped with all the modern facilities and equipments to meet the requirements of practical curriculum. The labs of AIHM are – The Library ‘The Restaurant of AIHM’, Lab Katla- ‘The Lobby of AIHM’, Bar 1918- ‘The Mock Bar of AIHM’, Maharaj ‘The Kitchen of AIHM’ and Agroha ‘The Mock Room of AIHM’.