It is a matter  of  great  pride that  Agrawal  Shiksha  Samiti has  made consistent  progress  year  after  year, in  the  field  of education. The  Institution  has always  been  committed  to  prepare the  students  to  face  the  challenges  ahead. Our  aim  is to impart the education  which  enables  one  to become independent and to  cultivate willpower not only to conduct the learning process, but also to  strengthen  one’s  character.

I personally feel proud to be the part of this  institution which is equipped with multifaceted infrastructure and state of the art facilities to enable the grooming  and  progress  of  our  students. On behalf  of  entire  management, I assure  all  students  and  well wishers that with all the modern  facilities, professional  teaching  skills, the learning  process  will  be  maintained  with  your  active  participation and this  institution will  continue  to progress  in  the  coming  years too.

Keeping  pace with  the  present  time, the college  has  successfully  introduced  many job oriented courses approved by RISU apart from regular degree courses. We earnestly endeavor to help you in realizing your dream.

I look  forward  to  welcoming you to join and contribute to our journey towards  exploring  new  frontiers  in  the  field  of education  .

With  best  wishes  to  our  students.

Mr. Vikas Agrawal
Secretary, Agrawal P.G. College, Jaipur