As a faculty in the college, I

  • always maintain punctuality in classes as per the working hours prescribed and make myself available in the campus unless and otherwise assigned duties elsewhere.
  • always maintain the teaching schedule and follow lesson plan while teaching in all classes.
  • am, as mentor, committed and empathetic towards all students.
  • never discriminate students on the basis of caste, religion and gender.
  • always believe in enhancing my knowledge through sharing.
  • give equal opportunity to all students in learning process.
  • believe in enriching my knowledgebase through continuous learning.
  • strictly adhere to service rules and regulations in the institution.
  • always give assessment awards to students on the basis of prescribed parameters viz. assignment, attendance, general behaviour, etc.
  • never involve myself in any act of moral turpitude which may cause impairment or bring discredit to the institution or Management.
  • always respect and give due regards to fraternity and sorority in the college.
  • am always responsible towards my profession especially in teaching.
  • express my sincerity, integrity and impartiality in my conduct with parents of students.
  • am always attentive to changing education requirements.
  • always engage in researching new teaching methods and am open to professional advice.